Spencer Mattison

Kammeko / Ruby on Rails Backend DeveloperOsaka, Japan

Spencer Mattison

Kammeko / Ruby on Rails Backend Developer

Full Stack Web Developer

Initially graduating with a Japanese Language degree and then living in Japan teaching English, I decided to try out programming because of my initial interest in computers and have enjoyed every bit of it.


In the future

言語と教師としての力をつかて、プログラミングを教えたいです。 I want to use my language and teaching skills to teach others about programming.

Kammeko1 year

Ruby on Rails Backend Developer(Intern)Present

- Present

Freelance1 year

Full stack Web DeveloperPresent

- Present

English Educator6 years

English Education


日本に住んでいる間に小中学校で英語を教えました。 I've spent most of my time in Japan teaching elementary and junior high school students English. I've created lesson plans, handouts, and oral and written tests. I learned that being a teacher is a very rewarding experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Le Wagon6 months

Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp


Le Wagon Tokyo (Batch #587). 24-week part-time intensive coding bootcamp learning: - Back-end (Ruby, Rails, parsing and scraping JSON, CSV, XML, web scraping with Nokogiri)

Tenri University2 years

Study Abroad in Japan


日本語で集約的な日本語の授業を受けて、日本の文化と日本の歴史の授業も受けました。 I took intensive Japanese language courses along with culture and history classes all taught in Japanese.


  • Ruby on Rails

  • HTML + CSS

  • JavaScript



Awards and Certifications


  • Japanese - Conversational
  • English - Native

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