Thomas Dykes

Thomas Dykes

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In the future


In the future

I'm looking to analytics and Japanese to English translation.

May 2020
Aug 2020


May 2020 - Aug 2020

I worked in daily operations to manufacture high end leather goods and helped fine tune and expedite the process for more efficient production. I also did research for potential new clients for Cambridge Leather to do business with. I also was assigned to research producers outside of China to outsource larger scale products that we could not domestically produce. Both of the results from this research where organized in Microsoft Excel.

Apr 2019
July 2019

Akita International University

4 months

Study Abroad

Apr 2019 - July 2019

I went to Akita International University as a foreign exchange student and took business and Japanese Language courses during my time there.


English - Native, Japanese - Conversational