Graduated as a Biological Systems Engineer and went on to work in the Bio-Tech Industry as a Laboratory Technician. In my free time I've attained certifications in Quality Systems and learned Javascript, but now I've went full circle and studied Software Engineering to build applications to provide solutions as an engineer. If you got some suggestions for technologies I'm all ears!


In the future

I want to be a well rounded software engineer to tackle problems as they arise, learn as much as I can, and to give back as much as I was given and more!

Code Chrysalis Immersive Bootcamp4 months

Full Stack Engineering with Agile Methodologies

  • JustGo

    - Built backend services in NestJS and Mongoose to provide Frontend with location data - Deployed project onto AWS Lambda - Integrated state management with Recoil.js for the Next.js Frontend - Provided instruction and guidance for the team on the tech-stack

About サーモフィッシャーサイエンティフィック

サーモフィッシャーサイエンティフィック7 months

Manufacturing Laboratory Technician


- Conducted routine testing of product for viability - Demonstrated laboratory and computer skills - Maintained inventory, product, and client records - Performed maintenance of laboratory equipment

UC Davis: University of California5 years

Bachelor's of Science, Biological Systems Engineering


- Studied Ergonomics and Control Systems - Programmed PLCs and utilized Matlab with Simulink - Designed control system for a Senior Project using some C++ - Wrote script to build a sound editor in Matlab with GUI


  • ReactJS

  • Vue.js

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • Agile Development

  • Highly motivated to learn, Leadership, HTML5 and 15 skills



  • English - Native
  • Japanese - Conversational

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