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Summer intern 2017: international expansion product development course

Wantedly, Inc.

Wantedly, Inc.のメンバー

  • Wantedlyの新卒三年目エンジニア。


  • I just graduated with a major in New Media Communication Technology from Howest University College West Flanders. I did a semester abroad in Seoul University of Science & Technology and worked as a web developer at Realo and Esign during my time off. I am now working at Wantedly as an engineer.


  • After graduating from the University of Tokyo, I spent a few years at Google and then joined Twitter when we opened the first international office in Japan. I joined their launch team to build their advertising business in Japan and Korea. In 2017, I joined Wantedly to lead the international expa...

  • Wantedly Inc. Global Business Developement Team

    Original German girl, born and bred in Saxony. Currently working at Wantedly's Tokyo office. Mission: To make everyone find the job they are really passionate about.
    Loves the sun, traveling, good food and fun people.


## Summary
Wantedly right now is expanding its services to other countries abroad. To do this we have two teams: Business Development and Engineering. As an engineer you will work closely with the local teams and build features to accelerate growth in those markets.

## What you'll be doing
We are bringing Wantedly to the international market with Singapore being the first market we've launched in abroad. We have Business Development teams located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia who work closely together with HQ.
As an engineer here in Tokyo you will work on bringing our product Wantedly Visit to the international market by adapting it to the local customs and culture. You will learn from the experiences of the local teams and use that knowledge to build tools to speed up the business development abroad.

During this summer internship you will join the international team and work on one or more of the following things.
What you'll be doing can change due to timing, preferences and/or your own skill set.
- Identify the problems the local teams are facing
- Test your ideas with software engineering
- Data analysis with BigQuery
- Web development with Rails & React.

Communication within the international team is in English. Because of this the interview will be held in English.

## What we're looking for
- Those who want to build products using their English language skills
- Those who want to work in an international environment
- Those who want to solve actual problems and challenges

## What you'll be learning
- Product development
- Building prototypes within a short timespan
- Communication with engineers and business people

Is this you? We're waiting for you! Remote interviews are welcome too so feel free to apply.


探している人 エンジニア学生
採用形態 新卒採用 / インターン・学生バイト
募集の特徴 学生さんも歓迎
創業者 仲 暁子
設立年月 2010年9月
社員数 60人のメンバー
関連業界 情報通信(Web/モバイル) / 人材・介護・サービス








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