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Engineers for our global team WANTED

Wantedly, Inc.

Wantedly, Inc.のメンバー

  • 京都大学数学科卒。卒業後、独学でプログラミングを覚え、株式会社Kwl-Eを立ち上げ。特にデータ解析を得意とする。徐々にWantedlyの開発を手伝うようになり、2013年より本格的に参画。

  • Wantedlyの新卒三年目エンジニア。


  • 大学在学中からBUDDHA,incの立ち上げメンバーとしてグラフィック、WEB、映像、写真など様々なジャンルの仕事を経験。
    その後、デザインの力でより多くの人にインパクトを与えられる環境を求め、2017年よりWantedly InternationalチームのメインデザイナーとしてJoin。



  • I just graduated with a major in New Media Communication Technology from Howest University College West Flanders. I did a semester abroad in Seoul University of Science & Technology and worked as a web developer at Realo and Esign during my time off. I am now working at Wantedly as an engineer.



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Wantedly is a Tokyo-based startup founded in 2010, with the mission to create a world where work meets passion. We do this by connecting like-minded companies and talents based on passion and interest, rather than pay and benefits.

We currently have over 22,000 companies onboard and 1.5-mil monthly active users in Japan, have an office in Jakarta and Singapore and are now about to launch in Hong Kong!


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We believe in a world where people take pride and joy in their work. How many people around you truly feel fulfilled by their job? How can we make more people happy through their jobs?

A person's job is what takes up the majority of their day. So we want everyone to be excited about work, and about the team you work with - rather than what you get in return.


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Our company is expanding in different cities and our team is expanding everyday, but every single one is a highly skilled and talented player. All of us experienced working at mega size companies and believe in solving the problems we saw there.

In terms of team culture, we are engineer/designer centralized. We aim to be a team where every member can take an active part in building our products.

We believe everyone in the team matters in helping us to building a world where work meets passion.


We are looking for capable full-stack web, iOS, and Android engineers who can help us re-create and grow our international services.
You will get the chance to work together with some of the best national engineers, as well as stunningly talented UI/UX designers to fulfil your goals.

We are the perfect team for you if you like working in interactive teams, and love to provide a great experience to your end-users.
Wantedly is different from the traditional services available in Japan, which also results in it being a lot more accessible for foreigners looking into working in Japan. You'd help people just like you find their dream job just like what you're doing now.
Technology-wise we also keep our stuff up to date, with regular updates and well thought out choices for new features. This gives you a lot of opportunity to learn and develop yourself as a software engineer.

There are also a lot of opportunities to use your language skills. Japanese, English, Dutch, Mandarin, and Indonesian are just a couple of the languages spoken in the international team.

As we grow and the ecosystem evolves there will be opportunities to use many different new technologies.
You are very welcome to tell us your ideas on how to improve our existing services!



「早く行きたいなら一人で行け、遠くへ行きたいならみんなで行け」と言われるように、私たちは「チーム」の力で、社会的インパクトの大きなこと... さらに表示


私たちのプロダクト思想の根底にあるのは「真のユーザーファースト」です。ユーザーの生の声を一つ一つすくうのではなく、実際の行動データを基... さらに表示


0から1を生み出すフェイズはワクワクするものですが、実際はリリース後の改善のフェイズで、何回改善のサイクルを回せるかが大切です。本当... さらに表示


探している人 その他エンジニア
採用形態 新卒採用 / 中途採用
募集の特徴 留学生さん歓迎 / 友達と一緒に訪問OK / ランチをご馳走します
創業者 仲 暁子
設立年月 2010年9月
社員数 60人のメンバー
関連業界 情報通信(Web/モバイル) / 人材・介護・サービス








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