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Let's build a product with Scala!!


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  • 2012年3月に筑波大学理工学群社会工学類経営工学専攻卒業。学生インターンシップ時代に「エンジニア」領域に特化した支援事業を株式会社ギブリーにて立ち上げ、入社。現在は取締役を務める。オンラインプログラミング学習・試験ツール等の自社サービスを立ち上げ、同社のHR tech部門を管掌。また、日本最大規模の学生ハックイベント、JPHACKSの組織委員会幹事を務めるなど、若い世代のイノベーターの発掘・支援にも取り組んでいる。

  • 日本国内におけるHeroku導入の第一人者。「エンジニアの育成・評価プラットフォーム構築のため、フルスタックエンジニアとしてジョイン。現在はエンジニア向けのプロダクトの開発をメインで実施しながら、各プロジェクトの開発効率化や新しい開発スタイルの導入も務める。英会話ガチで勉強中。メキメキとしゃべっている。

  • 金融システム開発の SIer から 30 歳を過ぎて Web アプリケーションエンジニア に転身。大小様々なプロジェクト経験を経て、アットウェアに入社。アーキテクトやテックリードの立ち位置で各種開発プロジェクトを支えたり、社内の情報共有基盤の構築などの改善活動を行った後、CTOに就任。
    個人ではオープンソース活動を積極的に行っており、Facebook4J 等のソフトウェアを公開・メンテナンスをライフワークとしている。


"Empower Engineering!"
This is our team vision in mind, we are developing services to help developers who can create new value with their creativity.

Online programming learning/evaluating platform.

A recruiting platform that lets developers show their skills by taking various programming challenges.

"track", a unique SaaS product that helps build a stronger organization by visualizing, correctly evaluating, and further improving the skills of developers, was awarded the "Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award" out of four Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications awards at the 16th Japan e-Learning Awards, and is operating a rapidly growing service.

Award History

Received the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award at the 16th Japan e-Learning Awards from among the four Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Awards.

Excellent Award in Management System Service Category, HR Technology Awards

Encouragement Award, Japan HR Challenge Award

Participated in HR Tech GP 2018 Final.

Finalist of Infinity Ventures Summit 2016 Kyoto Launch Pad


Today, the existence of "IT engineers" is indispensable.
To change business with IT, Hiring and training engineers has become an urgent need for every company.

HR Tech department in Givery, "Empower Engineering!" With this vision in mind, we are developing solutions for developer recruitment, evaluation and training.

In this context, "track" is a platform that enables companies to recruit, train, and design assignment and evaluation systems for engineers based on their programming skills by providing "skill visualization" and "quantitative indexing of skills" through online programming challenges and learning materials.
Through this product, we support the maximization of engineering capabilities within a company by providing appropriate HR (Recruitment, Training and Evaluation) practices for engineers within the company.


The team at Givery's HR Tech department is not exactly large at 40 people, but it's full of talented people.
We are a group of professional members with an insatiable vision for developers, and specialists with a variety of skills.

- Prof. Ikuo Takeuchi, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
- President and CTO of a social game company where he led a team of 600 developers
- A marketer who worked as a research consultant planning brand strategies for a major consumer goods manufacturer.

We also have a rich international flavor, with members of various nationalities, including the US, United Kingdom, France, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

The full list of team members can be found below.

In addition, we have an abundance of cooperation between industry, academia, and government, and we have received support from a variety of people to promote the project!

Programming problems are supervised by Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo.

We have started joint research on teaching materials with the University of Aizu.

We hold a hackathon "JPHACKS" for students in cooperation with industry, academia, and government.


We are hiring a backend developer for our product (track).

Development work
- Development of the backend using the Play framework (Scala).
- Participation in Agile ceremonies (Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Backlog grooming, etc)
- Code review for team mates

[Requirement skills and passion]
- Experience in Java/Scala development.
- Experience in using RDBMS/ORDBMS such as PostgreSQL/MySQL.
- Interest in new technologies
- Experience in using Docker
- Team development experience with Git/GitHub.

- Experience with AWS
- Basic knowledge in the field of HR Tech
- Language skills (Japanese)

Please feel free to apply if you think below things
- I want to be involved in the development of our products.
- I want to experience a development process that does not end with the creation of a product, but rather faces the customer and improves it.
- I want to work in a diverse environment.
- I want to be involved in agile development projects based on Scrum.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!





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    Let's build a product with Scala!!