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Ruby, Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer Wanted!!



  • Born in 1988, in Fukuoka prefecture. Earned Bachelor’s degree in image processing, and while in college, was awarded the IEICE Excellence Award. Selected as the [IPA Exploratory IT human resources]. Established ABEJA.Inc with CEO Okada in 2012. Head of research & development.

  • 1988年生まれ。三重県出身。大学では、地元の国会議員事務所でインターンシップを行う。その後、NPO法人に加入し、若年者の投票率向上のために各種活動を実施。大学生インターンの受け入れを行う議員事務所の数を拡大。その後、大学発ベンチャー企業を立ち上げ、代表取締役社長に就任。その過程でビジネスに興味を持ち、法律家では無くベンチャー企業への就職を視野に入れる。株式会社ジースタイラスに新卒入社。年間約20回のヘッドハンティング型就活イベント「逆求人フェスティバル」の運営と集客責任者を経験。採用企画部マネージャーに昇格。2013年、株式会社ABEJAに参画。現在、人財戦略・管理を担当。

  • 早稲田大学政治経済学部経済学科卒。卒業後は日本ロレアル株式会社にマーケティング職として入社。コンシューマープロダクツ事業本部にてヘアカラー・ヘアケアのプロダクトマーケティングに従事。担当カテゴリのプロジェクトリーダーとして、川上から川下、製品開発から販売戦略策定・売上分析まで一環して担当。その後ソーダストリーム株式会社にてマーケティング職に着任。ECを中心とするデジタルマーケティング、インストアマーケティング、製品開発を中心に業務を担う。

  • While in college, involved in the establishment of the subsidiary of IT Start-up. After graduating college, joined a consulting firm which specialized in consulting with startups. COO and a director of ABEJA. Inc in 2013. Currently responsible for corporate strategy, sales, marketing, HR, finance...


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ABEJA,Inc is a Tokyo-based startup.
"ABEJA, Inc.” is the market leader in Artificial Intelligence technology in Asia.
ABEJA was founded in 2012 and has received funding from Salesforce.com, NTT docomo and other VC's.
Our technology, which is using "Deep Learning” methodology, provides collect, analytics, automation, predictive simulation, visualization on the cloud.
Our product “ABEJA Platform” has been used by many Industry dozens of companies.


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We are looking for talented developers who want to work in Japan.
ABEJA is a global team with members from Asia, Europe and North America, including the United States and India.
We will gladly sponsor your visa and help with the relocation and we have already helped a few members from the USA relocate in Japan.
Lend us your skills, expertise and passion to build an IoT Big Data platform and bring about the Fourth Industrial Revolution together from Japan!
Please by all means apply if you are interested even a little.
If you are interested, please feel free to ask questions. Office visits are always welcome.
Let's work together in Japan!


This position, you will be responsible for developing tools associated with the Data Analytics platform that analyzes real space analytical data acquired with "ABEJA Platform" and multiple data such as sales data in an integrated manner.

· You will be responsible for solving challenging problems using Ruby on Rails
· You will be involved in the development of a platform used by other developers
· You can learn technologies and languages other than Ruby on Rails

■Job Description
· Development of common authentication system (SSO)
· Development of test automation tools
· Development of authentication system for ABEJA platform
· End to end testing of serverless systems
· Development using the latest technologies such as AWS Kinesis, EMR and Spark (if desired)
· Development using AWS cloud platform

■Development environment
· Language: Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
· Rspec, Vue.js, Slim, Postgresql,circleCI
HerokuAWS EC2

■Required experience and skills
· At least 1 year of experience with WEB application full stack development using Ruby on rails
· Being an active member of the Ruby community.

■Desired experience and skills
· Experience building business systems
· Being able to formulate specifications and design complex systems
· Presentation experience at study groups etc. (LT level)
· Experience using Docker and fluentd
· Other Infrastructure Building Experience (AWS)

■Personal skills
· Being responsible
· You must love programming in Ruby
· Be interested in other technologies
· Be comfortable working in a team but also being able to work independently
· Being able to chose the correct design
· Love programming in general
· Able to communicate with the team
· Understand business requirements and reflect them in the design and implementation


探している人 Ruby, Developer
採用形態 中途採用
募集の特徴 言語を活かした仕事 / Skypeで話を聞ける
創業者 Yousuke Okada
設立年月 2012年9月
社員数 48 人
関連業界 流通・小売 / 情報通信(Web/モバイル) / 情報通信(基盤/SI/パッケージ)








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