Looking for a job ( Deep Learning )

Hello everyone let's start with the introduction. My name is Niraj Yadav and currently living in India. I Have completed my Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi in the Computer Science and Engineering field. (which is a very difficult task as the requirement is a rank under 10,000 out of 10,00,000 which is like less than 1% selection ratio).

Last year, I visited Japan and lived there for two months. There I completed an internship on deep learning and done 2 projects. I used to live in Shinagawa and used to go to Kahimakuhari daily. (It took 90 minutes each way every day but still Didn't miss a single day of work).

My time in Japan was extremely memorable and after coming back I am feeling like I left my heart there and if possible like to settle there.

My main areas of interest are AI and deep learning on which I have also done many projects. Using CNN's, LSTM, GAN. My dream is to further improve m skills in these areas and join a job in which these skills can be utilized properly. Currently learning Japanese for 1 month now and can read and write katakana and hiragana and studying grammar.

I want to come to Japan as soon as possible and settle there but facing problems as COVID has affected everything.

If you can provide me with any opportunity regarding this please contact me.

Hoping to hear soon.

Niraj Yadav

1 いいね!
1 いいね!