My history from dorodango craftsman to programmer


~Dorodango craftsman~

To make Dorodango(mud dumpling) was a reason for living. Everyday repeated trial and error to make Dorodango hard and beautiful, thinking what mud is better to use and where better to keep it.

▼Elementary school

~Video games addiction~

Everyday I went to school, thinking that school is boring, I want to play video games at home. Read many manga, collected trading cards and always watched TV.

▼Junior high school


Lived almost the same as elementary school time, but started to play the guitar. Thought that "I want to live like a musician! Not like a salaryman!"

▼High school

~Mother Teresa~

Everyday I was thinking about life, life and death and universe.

I admired Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to alleviating hunger and destitution. The more I knew about her, the more I got to think "I am too blessed with my life!", and then sold almost everything that belonged to me, such as video games, manga and bookshelves.

Admired international volunteering as well, and got hooked on English.


~Encounter with oversea countries~

I reconsidered the way of life to dedicate my life to African children because I found out through part-time job of restaurant that before you make someone smile, at first you need to smile.

Travelled and studied abroad to Philippine, Mongolia and London, and got inspired by them in many ways.

After studying abroad to Russia came to want to work on something Russian.

▼Translation company

~Awakening of programming~

Although I started to work at translation company to make use of my Russian language skill, came to feel that different skills other than foreign languages are needed to be an interesting person.

Because I was always interested in how video games are made, started to learn programming by myself.

▼The first IT company

~Infiltration into IT industry~

Acquired basic knowledge of IT and programming. Felt that I'm absolutely suitable for a programmer.

Because I started to have douts about my boss's work attitude, decided to change my job to find circumstances where you can improve each other with colleagues through competition.

▼The second IT company

~Flextime and in-house product development~

Basically the company adopts hand-off style, and I learned how effective flextime work is.

After one year passed noticed that if the project is outsourced, what you have to do is only to complete what clients say. And started to admire in-house product development.

▼The third IT company and after

Struggling and struggling...

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1 いいね!