【Tokyo Office】 New Intern! ✨✨✨✨✨
We have New Intern Hiroki and yomi recently! ✨
Yomi is a international student in Meji University. She is helping us to do the translation between Chinese and Japanese during the Spring Vacation. And She is doning pretty well! 😄
Hiroki will be a sophomore student on next term in Keio University. He is doning sales. I trust he defintely will become a new man after this internship. 👏
👏Welcome to BB Yomi and Hiroki ! 👏

最近新しいインターン生が増えました。Yomiちゃんとひろきです! 二人ともとても賢く、仕事が早いです!😄  Yomiは中国から来た明治大学に通う留学生で、今は主に翻訳を担当しています💡💡