英語コラム: Get organize! Be more productive! 整理整頓して、 より生産性を上げる!

Famous English author and poet, A.A. Miline once said “Organizing is what you do before you do something.” People usually spend more than half of their times in work, and everyone all gets so many tasks to deal with. It will save you a lot of time if you keep a good habit of organizing your desk and of course your day. If you just don’t know where to start or you want to learn some more tips to make your day even better. This time I will be sharing some of my experience and tips to help you become more efficient.

有名な英国の作家および詩人、AA Milineはかつて「整理整頓はあなたが何かをする前にやるべきことです」と言っていました。人は毎日忙しいです。デスクやワークフローを整理整頓する習慣を身に付ければ、効率も上がるでしょう。 どこから始めればよいかわからない場合、または1日をさらに良くするためのヒントをもっと知りたいなら、今回は、私自分自身の経験を共有します。もっと効率的な生活を送りましょう。


Poet: 詩人、歌人
*Epic poet叙事詩人
*Poetry: 〔散文体による〕詩的作品、〔詩のような〕美しさ、優雅さ
*Poem: 〔散文による一編の〕詩的作品

Task: 〔与えられた〕任務、課題、〔一定期間内に終えるべき〕仕事、職務
*Task assignment: タスク割り当て
*Task description: タスク記述

Habit: 〔個人的な〕習慣、癖
Ex: Habits die hard.
*Habit of being lazy: 怠け癖
*Habit of drug: 麻薬常用癖
*Habit of drinking: 飲酒癖
*Habit of life: 生活習慣
*Habit of checking emails daily: メールを毎日チェックする習慣

Efficient: 〔道具・方法などが〕効率の良い、効率的な
Ex: The new system provides an efficient way of controlling the exports of goods.
*Efficient administration: 効率的な運営[管理]
*Efficient allocation: 効率的配分
*Efficient application: 効率的(な)適用
*Efficiency: 効率

A.A. Milineさんについて

アラン・アレクサンダー・ミルン(Alan Alexander Milne)はイギリス出身の作家です。作品のジェンルは児童文学、推理小説、詩、オペラなどを含めっています。世の中に一番知られる作品はことも向けの作品:『クマのプーさん』シリーズ、『赤い館の秘密』です。

I will start with how to organize your workspace first.


Make your seat comfortable and the monitor at the right position

To work efficiently, your posture matters! The wrong posture can make your back and shoulders feel pain and it could lower your efficiency and performance. Since I am short, I always get a cushion for myself to help me get the right height and to support my back. It is also important to make sure that the monitor is at the right height too. I found the best height is either at eye level or slightly lower. Studies show that the upright 90-degree posture is not the most common posture portrayed but a slightly reclined posture of 100 to 110 degrees. For monitors, put it directly in front of you, so you don’t need to twist your neck around. A monitor that is too high, you will need to tilt your head up to see it. On the other hand, a monitor that is too low will make you bend your neck down to see it. You can end up with neck/shoulder pain easily due to the wrong posture. Make sure you set all your gadgets where you can work comfortably first.




*Posture training: 姿勢訓練
*Adjust posture: 姿勢を直す
*Aggressive posture: 攻撃的な姿勢
*Posture optimization: 姿勢最適化

Slightly: わずかに、ちょっと、少し、やや、若干
*Slightly abnormal: わずかに異常な
*Slightly affected: わずかに影響を受けた
*Slightly activated: やや活性化された
*Slightly bent forward: 少し前に曲がっている
*Slightly bitter: わずかに苦い

Portray: 〔~を絵画・彫刻・映像で〕表現する、描く、~の肖像を描く
*This movie portrays life in a rural village of America back in the 1980s.
*This painting portrays a little girl playing with her dog.
*Portray herself as a victim: 被害者として演じしてる
*Portray(al) of a person: 人物描写
*Accurately portray the condition of these people: これらの人々の状態を正確に描写する

Recline: 寄り掛かる、もたれかかる、後ろに倒れる
*Recline on a chair: 椅子に横たわる
(普段はあんまりこの単語を使わないです。普通はlayingを言います。例: Laying on a couch. (ソファに横たわる)。

*Tilt to the left/ right: ~を左/右に傾ける
*Tilt a chair: 椅子を傾ける

Bend: 〔物・意志を〕曲げる
Ex: She bends her body at an odd angle.
*Bend a sail: 帆をけたに結び付ける

End up (with): 結局[結果的に]~で終わる、~で結末をつける
Ex: John thought he is going to earn a lot of money with this business; however, he ended up losing a lot of money.
*end up with no option: オプションはありません
*end up with nothing: 〔結局〕何にも実らずに終わる
*end up with nothing but regret: 後悔するだけの結果になる

Due to: ~が原因で、~に起因して、~のせいで
Ex: The forest fire is due to dry weather.
*Due to a defect in the equipment: 機器の欠陥のため
*Due to a growing demand for infrastructure: インフラストラクチャに対する需要の高まりにより
*Due to the lack of water: 水不足のため

Gadget: 道具、装置
*Futuristic gadget: 超モダンな道具
*High-tech gadget: ハイテク機器
*Kitchen gadget: 台所道具[用品]

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