TECHFUND ASIA Team in Singapore

🐝|TECHFUND ASIA Team in Singapore
TECHFUND ASIA team will go to Singapore between 5th to 12th of April 2019.
We have a plan to meet with local Investors, VCs and Exchange for final demoday for our ACCEL PROGRAM on Apirl 25th.

During this trip,
we hope to meet investors who have interest in BlockChain startup,
stratups who have plan to do finance.

Feel free to contact us if you have time.

=== Requests ===
・We want to have MTG with investment professionals who are interested in equity investment to Blockchain startups or token buying.
・We want to discuss IEO with Exchanges which consider using(making?) new lable.
・We hope to know about the event being held in Singapore during our stay (Apirl 5th-12th).


── Peaske

(TECHFUNDアジアチーム in シンガポール
2019年4月5日から12日の間、シンガポールにてTECHFUNDアジアチームが活動します。4月25日に開催されるのACCEL PROGRAMの最終デモデーに向けて、現地の投資家、VC、暗号通貨取引所などと連携させて頂く予定です。

=== リクエスト ===


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