Matsuyama (Co-Founder CEO) joined "OUTSOURCE2.0"

Sorry for late post, last month, Matsuyama (Co-Founder CEO) joined "OUTSOURCE2.0" that was held for the first time.
Classic workstyle was that people belong to one compnay,
but these days, new workstyle called "副業(Fukugyo)" or "複業(Fukugyo)" that people work for many companies by project level is becoming popular.
Human Resource Managers talked about "New workstyle" at this event.
BTW, This event's organizer is "Shuuumatu-worker" that has graduated from ACCEL PROGRAM(ex. SUNRISE PROGRAM)#2.
Of course, we use their service too.
ところで今回のオーガナイザーの「シューマツワーカー」はなんと、ACCEL PROGRAM(旧 SUNRISE PROGRAM)2期の卒業生です。もちろん弊社でもシューマツワーカーのサービスを利用させて頂いております。
(Writer : Peaske)
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