ZEN Pirates #4 Reo - It's a small world. I will conquer it with business

He is pure Japanese and the tallest person even among our international members. Also, he is one of the loudest members in the office. He proves all the stereotypes of “Japanese people” wrong. Today, let us dive into his unique life.

Challenge to The World; Study Abroad, Travel Around The World...

Hey, Reo! you got really tan! I heard that you went to watch the baseball game, but how was that!? Oh, and introduce yourself as well!

-Yeah! Actually, my college beat our rival team!!! It was the best game ever!!! ...So, what was the question?

Introduce yourself!

-Oh, right. Sorry I was just so happy about it. So, I am Reo Takamatsu. I was born and grew up near Tokyo. I studied abroad at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, for 1 year as an exchange student, and now I’m in my senior year and study Political Science in Waseda University.

Okay, so you are still a university student! As you know, people say that the college life in Japan is not that busy, but what do you do when you have time?

-Yeah, I was really surprised that the students in UCLA were doing nothing but studying, at least in my eyes. I think universities in Japan are really good for those who like to do lots of things including hobbies like me. I love to go on a trip, so I usually travel around on vacations. So far, I’ve been to Oceania, South East Asia, North America, Central America and South America, and I’m planning on going to Africa soon.

Wow, you are almost finishing all the continents in the world! But even though you are still in the university and busy going on a trip, why did you decide to work in Zenport?

-First of all, I wanted to work for a trading company after graduation, so I expected to learn international trades here. Second, I was also interested in a startup company, to learn how a company grows and how it is organized. Zenport was much smaller when I joined, so it was perfect for me. Also, I wanted to work in an international environment, because I only knew daily communication with people from different countries from UCLA experiences, but not about business communication nor how it was like working with them.

New Model For Japan, For The World

I see. It sounds like you are so passionate about learning new things and improving yourself! So, could you tell us what your role is, as one of a few Japanese members in Zenport?

-Sure! I do varieties of things, but mainly three things. One is enterprise sales. I contact our clients, participate in meetings with my boss, Fumi-san, or sometimes go to the exhibition to get new clients with him. Another job is to help our engineers and clients have smooth communication, telling what the client side wants us to make to the engineer side, and what the engineer side wants to make to the client side. Lastly, but I think most importantly, I try to make an environment where everyone can be friends as a team. When I joined Zenport, we didn’t talk about anything besides work, and didn’t even eat lunch together.

Wait, what!? Now everyone is crazy about where to eat lunch together everyday, or we have a bit too much fun playing VR or working out at the office!

-It’s a huge miracle that we have this funnest environment now from then. Everyone is such a great person, but you know, sometimes engineers are too good friends only with technologies, or we are sometimes hesitant to talk about things that others do and frustrate us. So I use my terrible jokes to break the ice, or let CEO know what we honestly feel. Or since we have this diverse members, we have different background like culture, religion or any preferences, so we need to adjust the lunch or work environment based on those. Basically, I try to make an environment where all of us can feel comfortable, happy and fun to work.

Wow, all your works mean a lot to us, sales, communication, and making work environment better. Your fun personality or social skills really help us feel comfortable working here. Thanks a lot! So next, can we ask what you want to do in Zenport, and as your own career?

-Well, as Zenport, I just really want to get more clients. Since our product is getting sophisticated day by day, I want to make lots more contracts working with Fumi-san. As far as my career, I’m actually not so sure about what I want to do, even though I am to start working at an ICT venture company after graduation next year. So I’ll keep improving myself to be a person who can do what I want to do when I figure it out. One famous Japanese guy said, “Only things you can leave when you die, is money, descendant, and business.” So I want to do what I like throughout my life, then if I can leave the business that I found I like, that will be the best.

...Are you really 21 years old? I can’t believe how matured you are in thinking about your life. So, last but not least, what kind of person do you want to work with in Zenport?

3 いいね!
3 いいね!