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In the future

Would like to work in Machine Learning field at a friendly and multicultural company where I can contribute to developing a practical solutions for different challenges.

横浜国立大学 / Yokohama National University, Japan3 years

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD


My research is about Energy Storage Management in Microgrids Using Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Egyptian Airports Company6 years

Electrical Engineer


Design Airports electrical distribution networks, design airport lighting systems, technical support for airports, study technical offers of new projects, and supervise new projects.

Shibaura Institute of Technology(芝浦工業大学)2 years

Master's degree


ABE Initiative /JICA Scholarship. My research was about Partial Discharge Measurement System and Dissolved Gas Analysis for Ester Dielectric Fluids.

Nejmet Sinai Gypsum factory3 years

Maintenance Engineer


Routine check on production lines motors, sensors, relays, circuit breakers... Etc., Preventative maintenance, Fixing Electrical & mechanical faults, and Installing new electrical parts.

Hussein Faried Consultant Office1 year

Electrical Design Engineer


Design electrical distribution networks, co-ordination with other design teams, and shop drawing.

Gamma Telecom1 year

Design & Field Engineer


Design of fiber networks, supervising fiber cables connection process, and troubleshooting high attenuation points (using OTDR).

Ain Shams University جامعة عين شمس5 years

Bachelor of Engineering - BE


I studied Electrical Engineering . My graduation project was about Electrical Power Distribution Design of an Industrial Plant.


  • Python

  • C#

  • Machine learning

  • English

  • Teamwork

  • Unity, Objective-C, Presentation and 11 skills


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