Playing Backgammon hack online allows you to play with your friends by connecting to your Facebook account, or meet new friends by playing with other players across the globe. In the event that you join to your Facebook account, you will see who amongst your Facebook friends play the overall game and you can send an invite to play with them. But you can even play randomly against another player wherever they are located. You are able to either play solo or play with friends. Whichever way you choose, you're guaranteed to truly have a good time. Social Interaction Feature Available.The same as playing the first Backgammon where you can chat with your opponent while in a game, the developers of this game added that feature, which means you won't get bored while playing. You are able to chat with your opponent or quit the overall game if you think that you're on the losing end. But if you can believe that luck is on your own side, you can double the stake and bag bigger prizes.