Bilaal Ukishima

Evolany / Product Manager + Lead Software Engineer

Bilaal Ukishima

Evolany / Product Manager + Lead Software Engineer

Meet Bilaal, a Full-Stack Software Engineer who possesses a proven ability to adapt and excel in both self-starting and collaborative environments. His unwavering focus on achieving high-quality results under strict deadlines is a testament to his quality and result-based approach.


In the future

As a software engineer, my ambitions are to make a significant impact by bringing innovative and sustainable changes to the world. I aspire to start a tech company in Africa in the future, focusing on providing cutting-edge solutions that address local challenges. Additionally, I dream of going to space one day and believe that technology

Evolany 1 year

Product Manager + Lead Software EngineerPresent

- Present

- Held a hybrid position to lead a cross-functional team of over 20 people, including developers, QA, and designers to develop and launch several successful features and products for the company.

Temple University, Japan Campus3 years




  • English - Native
  • Japanese - Native

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