Conglin Nie


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Keio University (慶應義塾大学)3 years

Media Design


-Design Thinking(デザイン思考)理論・実践 -Pipeline Ⅰ Teamwork for Design Thinking -Pipeline Ⅱ Teamwork for Sound Product Design -Pipeline Ⅲ Solo work for Product Design -FinalThesis Moi-meme: Dining Experience and Space Design for solo diners

Pratt Institute6 months



Fashion Design Convexity Design Design Element Biology Design for Ocean Environment

Royal College of Art4 months



Mechanism Design Industrial Design Product Design Design Research

China Foreign Affair University(外交学院)4 years



・英語通訳と翻訳 ・イギリス歴史と文学 ・アメリカ歴史と文学 ・国際関係 ・第二外国語日本語


  • Mandarin - Native
  • English - Professional
  • Japanese - Professional
  • Korean - Conversational

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