Dylan Guillermo

Carrefour Express / Employé

Dylan Guillermo

Carrefour Express / Employé

Hello to everybody who will read this im a young french man of 20 years , who is currently searching a job in this website , so i thanks my readers because i think its really important ^^, first of all im gratuated from high school of Artur Varoquaux where i got a baccalaureat in STMG ("science et technologie du management et de la gestion"), as i have done those studies , i learned in it to talk

  • Project in high school

    it's been a long time since , i have done it , but as i studied in STMG , i worked in communication and i worked on a way of uprgrading the communication inside a false corporation by creating an intranet schema , by showing the way the information and the planning should be see by the worker .


    it will be hard for me to show you it but ive done plenty of campaign on D&D5 , some in pathfinder , other on the DK systeme and know how to show it , but if i will be in need to help people to be in a character it can help , and also to help in tell in consistency in term of acting


In the future

I hope and i really hope to be able to join a vtuber group like nijisanji, or to be able to join hollolive as vtuber or as one of their manager , because when i see the entertainment they give to everyone and everything they have done , i just find it amazing !!!

Carrefour Express2 years

Employé Present

- Present

Im working most of alone so i know how to mostly do anything inside a store ^^

【フランス】Université de Lorraine8 months

first year of psychologie


i learned a lot of thing about , the way of thinking and reacting of human , and i found it really interesting

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