Improving the understanding between people and technology

Aerospace Engineering Control and Simulation MSc, programmer, and AI enthusiast. I am interested in improving the way we interact with technology, by increasing the understanding between humans and machines. Looking for graduate level opportunities in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cognitive systems, and human-machine interaction. Eligible for working in Japan with a working holiday visa.

Audi AG7 months

Piloted Driving Intern


Evaluating and improving a roundabout perception algorithm for self-driving cars, using laser-scanner data. • Generating ground truth data (using D-GPS) and live measurement data (using test vehicles).

Tokyo Institute of Technology6 months

Visiting researcher


Research at the Hasegawa Shoichi Laboratory, focusing on haptic sensing of a virtual environment. • Expanding the 6 degree of freedom SPIDAR-G haptic interface with gripping force sensing capabilities, to enable better object manipulation in a virtual environment (C++).

KE-works bv4 months

Full Stack Developer


Worked in a small team of programmers on KE-chain, a software used to optimize the product development process and provide consultancy services to aerospace companies. Main responsibilities included: • Implementation of new front-end features (JavaScript / Ext JS). • Re-design of back-end data architecture (Python / Django / MongoDB).


  • JavaScript

  • Git

  • Python

  • C++

  • React.js

  • MATLAB、Django