Emilie Hagebo

株式会社ハート / ECサイトに関する広告運用・WEB・SNSマーケティング業務Minato-ku,Tokyo

Emilie Hagebo

株式会社ハート / ECサイトに関する広告運用・WEB・SNSマーケティング業務

Great things never come from comfort zones




- Work in brand and marketing

株式会社ハート10 months


- 現在

事業内容 ◆アクリル、ラバー、電気製品などのOEM/ODM生産受託 ◆海外の商品を日本国内での卸売、日本の商品を海外での卸売事業 ◆日本国内でのネット通販、中国への越境ECの運営代行 ◆楽天、AmazonなどECサイトの運用やセミナー等のライブ配信事業


Social Media Specialist


Ginza Xiaoma is Asia’s No.1 Hermès reseller. We buy, sell, consign and trade-in Hermès handbags worldwide through our website, social channels and our Tokyo boutique in the exclusive Ginza district.

日本ビール株式会社1 year

FIJI Water Japan brand and marketing manager



株式会社UNLOCK DESIGN7 months

Digital Marketing manager/ Content creator/ HR tech recruiter (B2B, B2C)


私たちはキャリア・ベンチャー開発を通じて、世界にインパクトを与える企業を創出しています。東京とマレーシアに拠点を置き、日本企業に対してエンジニアの人材紹介を提供しています。また東南アジアを中心に数多くの政府機関、主要大学、グローバル企業、スタートアップとコラボレーションし、人材と企業の可能性を最大化する事業を展開しています。 We make an i

System Therapy4 months

Social Media Marketing and Content Creation


Part- Time

株式会社LIFE PEPPER4 months

SNS marketing/SNSマーケティング


Part-time Assistant

Catch the Beat

Content Creator

Freelance/part-time (3days)


ローカライザー/ Game Localizer

株式会社JV "JVグループはクライアントのニーズを正しく理解し的確な提案を行えるビジネスパートナーです。 JVでは創業以来培ってきたノウハウを活かし、豊富な実績とネットワークで全国エリアに人材派遣 業を幅広く行っています。知識、経験はもちろん、メンタリティにおいても信頼のおける優れた人材 を数多く有しています。

株式会社LIFE PEPPER1 year

SNS marketing/ Content Creator/Video editor(Side)


Part-time content creator.

Akita International University1 year

TOEFL Proctor


"The TOEFL® test, created by ETS, is an English language assessment that is often required for admission by English-speaking universities and programs around the world and is accepted by more than 9,000 institutions in over 130 countries including Australia, Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. TOEFL scores help you get noticed by admissions of

Teacher Assistant

I was a teacher assistant for my professor's undergraduate class in journalism. My job was to help the students with their English during discussions. The assistant job was to motivate the student to speak up in class and use their English.

UpWork3 years

Freelance translator


Freelance​ translator: "Upwork’s mission is to create economic opportunities so people have better lives. The community of independent professionals working via Upwork spans many categories including software development, creative & design, finance & accounting, consulting, operations, and customer support—over 8,000 skills are represented."

Kleppestø Nursing Home9 years

Nurses Assistant


I worked morning, evening and night shifts. My main job was to take care of patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. I helped with feeding, showering, putting the patient in and out of the bed. There where cases where we helped with medication if we were with a nurse. This was only done because the assistant had gained trust to​ some patients.

日本全国食宝館 International Happy Society3 months

Blogger, PR, Photographer, Translator, Social Media Marketing


NIHON ZENKOKU SYOKUHOKAN | Quality Japanese Foods Selected From All Over Japan

Noroff1 year

Producer, editing(Intern)


While studying at Noroff, I got different jobs/ internships we had to complete to graduate. Produced and edited my own short film. Produced a commercial for Norwegian Cancer Organization. Helped in different video​/film productions during the semesters.

Kleppestø Primary School3 months

Teacher Assistant(Intern)


Assisting children with their school work from grade 1 (age 6)- 4 (age 10). Assisting the teacher during classes. The following subjects where: English, Norwegian, Math, Gymnastics,


Sales Assistant(Intern)

One week internship as a school project. Helping costumers to find their​ size, keeping the store clean.