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In the future

My research concerns the electrical machines, after exploring different aspects of this topic during my PhD and postdoctoral contract, I would like to continue my learning by getting closer to the motor and their applications. In my point of view, all topics are interesting (robots, EV, appliances, generation...) . They involve different constraints and then different solutions.

University Grenoble-Alpes, France4 years

G2ELAB, Phd, Electric motor


Phd in collaboration with SOMFY Inc. (see the experience in Somfy for further information)

Universy Paris-Saclay, France1 year

Master PIE (physic and engineering for energy)


Master research Degree

ESME SUDRIA, Paris, France5 years

Electric Engineering


Electric Engineering


  • French - Native
  • English - Professional
  • Chinese - Conversational

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