Anshuman Goswami

Revedor India / web Developer

Anshuman Goswami

Revedor India / web Developer

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In the future

Personally, I feel tech is easy and anyone can create a product, but the main problem comes with connecting with the community and getting out of their comfort zone. My interest currently lies with full-stack development as It taught us to stay more curious about every problem we solve. If I want to select an opportunity for later then I'

Revedor India1 year

web Developer(Intern)Present

- Present

Majorly I work as a Front-end developer at the organization where I use design as well as develop applications also many times depending upon the situation I work with the Back-end if it's in the need.

Shri Vaishnav Vidhyapeeth Vishwavidhyalaya5 years

Computer Science



  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • React.js

  • Next.js

  • Web design

  • Sass, Git, GitHub and 5 skills


  • English - Professional

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