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  • April 18: Alien Invasion

    In first quater of 2018, the social media was flooded with alien invasion on April. Many considered it fake but the rumour was well taken to develop drama and fear for fun. Thus I have made this so-called trailer to hype the media.

  • Hari Raya Music Video

    A secondary school project that requires me and my friend to record all the lip syncing and dances. My main role is to edit the video so that it could sync perfectly with the music along with some effects and alternate colour grading.

  • The Flash

    The DC superhero speedster called The Flash was chased by an enemy named Zoom. This short film sequence shows how powerful Zoom is and is able to outrun the fastest man alive.


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Experience and education

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  • Editing

  • Creativity

  • Film Directing

  • Cameraman

  • lighting effect



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