James Ronderos

Keywords Studios / Localization Project ManagerTokyo, Japan

James Ronderos

Keywords Studios / Localization Project Manager



  • Othello Board Game

    • Created an Othello game using Python with Tkinter. • The AI opponent uses alpha beta pruning to determine moves. • Uses color to show possible moves as well as where the AI has moved.

  • Gonzaga University, ComSem.net – Web-based application for university ESL classes

    • Worked with the development team in an Agile Scrum development style using Python, Django, MySQL, HTML, and CSS to improve UI and develop new features. • Collaborated directly with clients and stakeholders to determine their needs, define basic requirements, and develop new designs and changes. • Created a testing feature to generate new quizzes based on past materials students had difficulty with. • Redesigned the teacher and student UIs to be more intuitive and usable.

  • Visual network routing simulation

    • Routing simulation using Dijkstra's algorithm. Made using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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