Jan Meier

Metro Cash & Carry Japan K.K. / Business Intelligence Supervisorデュッセルドルフ

Jan Meier

Metro Cash & Carry Japan K.K. / Business Intelligence Supervisor

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Metro Cash & Carry Japan K.K.1 year

Business Intelligence SupervisorPresent

- Present

Supporting the Business Intelligence Team I was in charge of steering Projects to support mainly support the delivery and sales force domains within the company. By automatizing data flow, creating metrics and reports I helped the teams to track their progress towards goals and supported them in making important business decisions.

Metro.digital3 years

Domain Expert | Business Analyst | Data Scientist


Customer Order Fulfillment (顧客注文の履行) KPI analyzing and reporting (KPI解析と報告) Team lead/management (チームリーダー・マネジメント)

FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management3 years

Business Informatics (経済情報学)


As part of a dual study program, I was able to study business informatics while working at METRONOM in Düsseldorf as a Business Analyst and Data Scientist.

  • Game of Blocks

    ソフトプロジェクトとしてTerrariaというゲームのクローンをチームで開発しました。残念ながら、プロジェクトリンクは大学からプライベートに設定されて、シェアすることができません。 Sadly, the access to the project is set private. In the project I committed 115 times with 15,926 lines added and 2,104 removed. A sandbox, 2D, online-multiplayer game, developed by a group of students. Designed to be a project of 5 people, it was mainly finished by 3 in under 6 months. The game is a "clone" of the game "Terraria", but due to the restricted time not bugfree and with less features.


Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf

Modernes Japan (Japanology)

Japanese Language, Culture, Society and History Exchange year in Nagoya (南山大学)

Swiss Post Solutions1 year

Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance (品質保証) Test Development (品質保証のテスト開発)

南山大学/Nanzan University


Japanese (日本語の授業) About Japanese Businesses (日本のビジネスについて) Calligraphy (書道) Research in Japan (日本での研究の仕方)

エアフレンド9 months



Marketing and Customer Support (マーケティングやお客とのコミュニケーション) Translation English ⇄ Japanese (翻訳 日本語⇄英語) Introducing sightseeing spots through videos (観光場所を紹介するビデオの撮影)


High school (高校)

Swiss Post Solutions2 months




  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Google Cloud

  • Micro Strategy

  • SQL, Python, VBA


Awards and Certifications

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