Jared Fullwiler

Zenu / Cofounder & CEO東京都 港区

Jared Fullwiler

Zenu / Cofounder & CEO

Product Manager and Startup Leader (US/JP)

-アメリカ、オハイオ州の出身 -2011年から日本にいる -元々金融の業界をキャリアスタートしましたがデジタルデザインにキャリアchangeしていました。 -Hackathon賞: 1立 Junction Tokyo 2018 (AI), 2立 AngelHack Osaka 2018, 3立 HackZurich スイス 2019 (AI)


In the future

プロダクトマネジメント、UI/UXリード、英語のコンテントライティング、国際化、スタートアップ、ベンチャー・キャピタル、ビジネス戦略、ネットワーキング等 Product Management, UI/UX, digitalization, globalization, startups, tech, SaaS, digital transformation

Zenu6 years

Cofounder & CEOPresent

- Present

Background: I originally started Zenu after noticing the difficulties foreigners had when ordering in Japan. I wanted to create an innovative solution that would help foreigners when dining-in at Tokyo restaurants for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Dentsu Creative X inc.(電通クリエーティブX)7 years

Digital Production ManagerPresent

- Present

"Creative X Technology" I Joined the international division at an early stage to help drive technology shipment and grow the division. At Dentsu I get to ship products for some of the largest clients in and out of Japan. Specialty: Digital Transformation, Tourism, Travel, Web Apps, ML, CRM/CMS, Mentoring

PADECO Co., Ltd.3 years

Overseas Business Development Officer


PADECO is a consulting company which works with governments of emerging markets to improve their technology capacity, by designing and building essential infrastructure.

Mitsubishi UFJ1 year

Trade Specialist


NYC Worked with Japanese clients in America to process trades and reached out to other brokers to resolve issues and meet time deadlines in a fast paced, high accuracy environment.

JPMorgan Asset Management1 year

Mutual Fund Advisor


USA Worked with new and existing clients to identify the optimal mutual funds for their accounts through financial evaluation and analysis

Ohio University





  • Excel

  • Positive thinking

  • Team building

  • Leadership

  • Schedule management

  • Budget management, Design, Management and 8 skills


Awards and Certifications


  • English - Native
  • Japanese - Conversational

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