Judi Anne Monsod

BDO Unibank, Inc. / Marketing Manager – Credit Cards

Judi Anne Monsod

BDO Unibank, Inc. / Marketing Manager – Credit Cards

Marketing professional with more than eleven years of experience that is honed from two of the Philippines’s leading companies: BDO Unibank, Inc. – banking and finance, and Petron Corporation – oil and petroleum.



I want to work in a new and diverse environment where I will be encouraged to learn more. I would like to see how I can blend in with my skills as a marketing professional from the Philippines and improve myself by expanding my work experience by moving to Singapore. With these mindset, I am positive that I have the potential to be a si

BDO Unibank, Inc.8 years

Marketing Manager – Credit Cards現在

- 現在

Leads a team of four that conceptualizes and executes programs to promote credit card usage. This involves negotiating tie-ups with local and international-based merchants for credit card promos, preparation of promo

Marketing Officer – Home Loan

Managed the execution of the marketing plan for BDO Home Loan with focus on marketing programs for real estate brokers and developers. This includes end-to-end program management from conceptualization, budget preparation,

Petron Corporation8 years

Marketing Associate


Responsible for the marketing communication programs for special corporate projects, oil brands, and loyalty card brands, These included tri-media advertising, below-the-line efforts, and on-ground events.

Advertising Assistant

Cultivated strong, long-term relationships with Petron’s valued business partners through sponsorships and project coordination, ensuring mutual brand promotions and guaranteed media ROI. Also, successful management of annual corporate events were done

Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Master of Business Administration

Ateneo – Regis Program (Degree not Conferred)

Unitversity of the Philippines, Diliman

Bachelor of Science/Major in Tourism

Graduated Cum Laude


  • Copywriting

  • PR

  • Planning