Kenya Aridomi

University of California, Santa Barbara / Electrical Engineering

Kenya Aridomi

University of California, Santa Barbara / Electrical Engineering




I am striving to be a software engineer. ソフトウェアエンジニアを目指しています。

University of California, Santa Barbara4 years

Electrical Engineering

  • Co-President of JSA

    I became the Co-President of the Japanese Student Association. With only 3 returning members including myself, our first initiative was to recruit more members. We currently have 50+ active members that share a mutual appreciation towards Japanese culture. We also are beginning to reach out for sponsorships and internship opportunities.

  • Became a JSA Board Member

    JSA (Japanese Student Union) is a club at UC Santa Barbara that encourages its members to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and provide intern and research opportunities in Japan. As the Director of Internal Affairs, I oversee all of the club activities and manage logistics such as budgeting and marketing with other board members.

  • Found interest in dancing

    I love hip-hop and K-pop choreographies. Once I am on campus starting next year, I intend to join a dance troupe.

UC Santa Barbara3 years

TA for Japanese Department(Side)現在

- 現在

I mainly assist Japanese teachers and correct students' homework.