Kevin Macandog

San Francisco Bay Area

Aspiring Software Engineer

What I learned from studying Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc is that there is always room for improvement. Through this, I developed a mentality that whatever I focus on, that it is always a lifelong learning. Even after school, I did many years of self-study, and during that process, I learned how to be initiative. I think the skills I've developed through learning foreign languages are also appli


In the future

I want to use my skills, from programming languages to foreign languages, to make an impact and contribute back to society. I want to make high quality products and provide excellent services. Specifically, I aspire to become a software engineer to achieve this goal. I want to make people's lives easier, as that also reflects how I want t

Oregon State University (USA)3 years

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (3.95/4.0 GPA)


Web Development Cloud Computing Mobile Application Development Databases

  • Full Stack Web App

    • The app gives an English translation suggestion and evaluation for translating Japanese • Developed the frontend with React and TypeScript, and the backend with Python • Made it 4x~ faster via asyncio API calls, and by also rendering async React components

  • Mobile Cross-Platform App

    • Developed a cross-platform app for businesses to post daily food wastes. • Included features such as photo uploads and the location of the device when posted. • Used technologies such as Flutter, Firebase, Sentry, analytics, and accessibility semantics.


Napa County Office of Education (USA)5 years

Substitute Teacher


-Classroom management and class work execution. -Taught in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. -Daily contract teaching various subjects from English, Math, Science, etc.

JPC Trade (Japan)2 months

Vehicle Documentation Inspector(Side)


-The company holds car auctions online and ships them from Japan to overseas. -Used Japanese and English to read used car documentations. -Updates the website for bidding.

Akamonkai Japanese Language School (Japan)5 months

Japanese Business Employment Program


-Studied advanced Japanese (JLPT N1 level). -Studied Japanese Business Manners -Studied Business Employment and Job Hunting in Japan

KAI Japanese Language School (Japan)3 months

Japanese Language School


-Studied JLPT N2 level courses.

San Francisco State University (USA)6 years

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese (3.96/4.0 Major GPA)


-Majored in Japanese but also took higher level Chinese courses. -Had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan at Waseda University for one year. -Had the opportunity to study abroad in South Korea at Yonsei University for one year.

National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)3 months

Mandarin Training Center


-Took level 2 (out of 8) Mandarin course during summer.

Yonsei University (South Korea)1 year

Korean Language Institute / Underwood International College


-Took Korean courses from level 2 to 5 (out of 6). -Studied liberal arts courses and foreign languages at Underwood International College.

Waseda University (Japan)4 months

English Language Assistant(Intern)


• Assisted freshman students at their English language seminar • Corrected their papers, answered their questions, and gave them advice • Made demonstration speeches and presentations in English • Taught them how to prepare their presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel

Waseda University (Japan)1 year

Center for Japanese Language / School of International Liberal Studies


-Took Japanese courses from level 2 to 5 (out of 8). -Took liberal arts classes and foreign language classes at School of International Liberal Arts department.

Vintage High School (USA)4 years

High School


-Graduated High School (Napa, California, USA) -Excellence in History (2008) -Excellence in English (2009)


  • English - Native
  • Japanese - Professional
  • Korean - Conversational
  • Chinese - Conversational
  • Spanish - Conversational
  • Tagalog - Native

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