Self Introduction

Hello, my name is Kristy. I am 23 years old. I will obtain my undergraduate degree in Aviation Operations and Systems from PolyU in 2020. In my study career, I gain knowledge of the design and production, planning and scheduling, implementation and control of a variety of procedures, operations, and systems used in avia



I hope to challenge myself, learn different fields and new skills to enrich my work experience. Also, establish a good partnership with the team at work to help the company improve project efficiency.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University2 years

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Aviation Operations and Systems


I gain knowledge of the design and production, preparation and scheduling, as well as the execution and management, of various procedures, activities, and systems used in aviation and related industries.

Invisalign1 year

consultant assistant(Side)


In this company, I hold the position of consultant assistant. I am responsible for helping customers understand what kind of company Invisalign is, the process of braces and helping customers find their own dentist. In this work experience, I learned different dental knowledge and strengthened my problem-solving ability. Because I need t

PolyU HKCC - Hong Kong Community College3 years

Associate in Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)


This program teaches me a broad-based and systematic approaches to logistics and supply chain management process, such as the fundamentals of logistics and supply chain management and global transport and trade operations Information Technology in Global Supply Chain Management Introduction to Inventory and Warehousing Management

Triathlon Physiotherapy Center6 months



In this job, I am responsible for arranging the schedule of the customer booking and managing the offices supplies in the office

Armani9 months

Sales Assistant(Side)


In this job, I am responsible for providing advice and assistance to customers and helping the company replenish the inventory on the shelves.

The North Face7 months

Sales Assistant(Side)