LAM Yu Lok

Funtao Limited 淘百萬廣告平台 / Part-time clerk (Marketing Assistant)

LAM Yu Lok

Funtao Limited 淘百萬廣告平台 / Part-time clerk (Marketing Assistant)

Marketing freshman

A fresh graduate student from the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. Now seeking a working place that could let me learn and utilize more knowledge on the marketing aspect. As a basketball lover and player, I know how teamwork benefits deeply. In my mindset, learning is boundless and endless, I would learn from multiple aspects, and convert them into useful skills.


In the future

In my future career, it is expected that I would work in a wonderful firm with supportive teammates. Talking about my own imagination, I would like to become a manager that could build a strong relationship with my teammates and grow continuously.

Funtao Limited 淘百萬廣告平台3 years

Part-time clerk (Marketing Assistant)(Side)Present

- Present

Mainly focus on social media promotion: - Creating content with support information given by different clients (2-3 posts an hour) - Typesetting through Canva - Basic video editing

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong2 years

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors), concentrates in Marketing


Covers more advanced level in Marketing course, which includes: - E-Marketing - Strategic Marketing - Brand Management

Community College of City University (CCCU)2 years

Associate of Business Administration in Marketing


Covers different aspects of Marketing in a moderate level, which includes: - Marketing Research - Service Marketing


  • Cantonese - Native
  • English - Conversational
  • Mandarin - Conversational

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