Masato Fujitake

ファーストアカウンティング株式会社 / Chief Research Scientist

Masato Fujitake

ファーストアカウンティング株式会社 / Chief Research Scientist

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)

Research scientist specializing in computer vision. My interests are wide-ranging, so my knowledge and interests are broad, shallow, and sometimes profound. I am especially interested in AI, electricity, and accounting. I want to be a person who understands business and technology.


In the future

I will conduct research and development of AI that solves accounting problems.

About ファーストアカウンティング株式会社

ファーストアカウンティング株式会社7 years

Chief Research ScientistPresent

- Present

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies3 years

Dept. Informatics, School of Multidisciplinary Sciences


Ph.D. in Computer Science. Object detection in videos.


  • Japanese - Native
  • English - Conversational

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