I worked at treading concern after graduated Nihon University in 2015 and experienced with manufacturing management and sales for apparel company such as ONWARD or SHIPS. Yet I always figured out about job change for editor and writer, this is because I truly like reading magazines, digging trendy stuff and writing something for all of my life, then I started my own web media "Snack arch" and inde

  • Snack arch

    ABOUT Snack arch スナックアーチのインタビューはスナックに来たお客がママに話しているような雰囲気の中、時に真剣に、時に脱線に脱線を重ねる、店型ウェブメディアです。店主とお客さまとのインタビューの記録。愛を忘れない仲間たちへ称賛とエールを。私たちは私たちが思うよりも、きっと、もっと美しく、素晴らしいはずだから。 ​ Interview of Snack arch sounds kind of like the customer who come to snack talks to “Mama”. sometimes they talk about really serious stuff, and sometimes go off the rail. It can be said that new type of media like store. We respect and send hearty cheers to people with deep love, we are more beautiful and amazing than we think.


In the future

If I work at your company, I want to achieve that following 2 things: first, I always search really interesting stuff in Tokyo also all over the world and create attractive writing in order to provide high quality article for a lot of people, particularly for foreigner in 2020 olympics because of big chance how amazing place in Tokyo. Sec


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