Miyuki Maejima

株式会社BLOCKSMITH&Co. / Global Digital Marketing SpecialistTokyo

Miyuki Maejima

株式会社BLOCKSMITH&Co. / Global Digital Marketing Specialist

Where there is a will, there is a way

Global Digital Marketing Specialist | Social Media | Acquisition | CRM | SEO Half Japanese and half Taiwanese: Multilingual in English, Mandarin and Japanese


In the future

・日本と海外のマーケティング架け橋 ・自社開発ゲームを世界中に広げる ・We're now looking for people to join our BLOCKSMITH&Co. especially for the 'Global Team'!

About 株式会社BLOCKSMITH&Co.

株式会社BLOCKSMITH&Co. 9 months

Global Digital Marketing SpecialistPresent

- Present

Intouch Games Ltd (in the UK)2 years

Digital Marketing Executive


-Data Analysis and Management of Social Media CRM Campaigns across various digital platforms. (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, online website, Instagram, Facebook, Email) -Develop the brand identify and follower's loyalty with the official account to grow the engagement and built i

Deezer (in the UK)3 years

Global IT support coordinator


-Provide IT support for Music app users -Multi devices IT solution: PC/Mobile phone/Tablet/Car system/Voice Assistance/Sound system/Smart TV/Wearable -Live time Livechat support from users all over the world

Cognizant Technology Solutions (in Canada)2 years

Bilingual Content Review Analyst


-Content Review on Social Networking Product; Twitter -Investigate the content of the tweets that were reported by Twitter users -Bounce and Suspend Twitter accounts if it has abusive contents -Contents related with LGBT/Religion/Economics/Politics/Crime/Murder -Responsible for Japanese/Chinese/English accounts

TutorABC (in Taiwan)2 years

International Business Executive


-Become a Starting-up Member of New Overseas Department -Successfully lead new Projects and promote the brand online -Create new department manual and new website contents with SEO strategy

National Taipei University 国立台北大学4 years




  • 言語力

  • SNSマーケティング

  • インフルエンサーマーケティング


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