Md Nazmus Sakib

Feedier / Lead Backend Developer and Devops EngineerBangladesh

Md Nazmus Sakib

Feedier / Lead Backend Developer and Devops Engineer

Senior Backend Developer and Devops Engineer

I am 4 year experienced Laravel developer. Currently working with a French team on a Sass app to build new feature and fixes.



I want to join an ambitious company that care for its people and product. So I can keep loving the work I do and help those around me and the company I work for.

Feedier4 years

Lead Backend Developer and Devops Engineer現在

- 現在

I an responsible for developing new features and improve existing logic to make the web app more faster and secure. I helped the company to grow more by developing new features in shortest amount of time. Also fixed urgent bugs quickly so that existing clients stay happy.

  • Feedier Web App

    It is a platform that collects feedbacks from end user and analyze the data using custom algorithm to show many analytical data through custom dashboard. 1. I design new database system to improve the product accuracy and speed. 2. I made some improvement in SQL query which took one of the component from 1 minute loading time to 10 seconds. And there are many more improvement like this. 3. I also suggest many product improvement to marketing team, which helps them set their goal and expectations. 4. I helped them to move the server and database from Digitalocean server to AWS Server in Zero downtime. 5. I responded quickly to stop potential spammers by blocking them actively from server and app. 6. Used stripe to integrate payment system.

Softwind Tech4 months

Junior Backend Developer (Laravel)


Developed a full featured E-commerce API that was consumed by a React Frontend, Android app and i-OS app. Tech stack used: Php, Laravel, Nginx,

  • Telecom User Management

    Developed backend code to integrate various features. Used tech was: Laravel 5, Mysql, Linux, React (User Frontend), Vue (Admin Backend) 1. Used 3rd party private API to fetch sensitive data. 2. Used redis caching to reduce 3rd party API call. 3. Implemented OTP verification during registration/login. 4. Developed custom backend admin panel.


Royalty Bangladesh4 months

Backend Developer (PHP)


Worked on building Customer focused system that is used by telecom industry. Used private 3rd party API for various integration.

  • Custom E-commerce API

    Full featured e-commerce API, developed with Laravel 5.8. Main features are: - User can register/login - User can post their own product for sale. - User can buy other products. - User can follow each other. - Product activity stream. User can see products of the people they follow. - Users can message each other. (Messages are encrypted) - Report abuse system to admin. - Admin panels to manage each users and product posting.


Small Success LLC.1 year

Junior (Php/JS) Full Stack Developer


Building one of the largest MCAT site of USA. I worked on front-end and back-end to implement new features and fix bugs.

  • Jackwestin (Online MCAT Exam Training)

    Developed new features in backend and frontend. The backend was implemented by Laravel 5 and Frontend in VueJS. I designed 5 new landing pages and lots of other backend features.



  • English - Professional