A dedicated passionate learner with almost 2-year experience in data science and currently a master’s student in Technology Management for Innovation Department (integration of engineering and business schools), The University of Tokyo.



I plan to pursue my career in data science industry after graduation, so I get to do what I love and improve myself in the industry continuously.

The University of Tokyo3 years

Graduate School of Engineering/ Technology Management for Innovation


Laboratory: Prof. Jun Matsushima Thesis: The characterization of Tokyo Bay gas using steepest descent and Bayesian inversion.

INPEX Corporation, Japan

Summer Intern

Reserves calculation and economic evaluation.



Summer Intern

Analyzing POS data, creating a business strategy to improve sales in certain customer category by developing machine learning models using Python and SQL. Secured 4th place position out of 14 participating teams.

PT Altrovis Tekno Global, Indonesia2 years

Data Scientist


Building custom business process by implementing mathematics algorithm into the real business problems. Projects involved: sales forecast, fraud analysis, customer segmentation, products recommendation, and distribution optimization. Programming language: R, Python, Pyspark, and SQL

Bandung Institute of Technology2 months

Geophysical Engineering


Laboratory: Prof. Ignatius Sonny Winardhie Thesis: S-Wave Prediction Using Rock Physics Approach