I am global minded international individual who has been living in 6 different countries in two different continents; Finland, UK, Korea, Singapore, Germany and Japan. As a person I am very hard-working, eager to learn new things, curious attitude with the passion of being a leader in sales, marketing or HR sectors. I love to interact with different kind of people and I am not afraid to reach out, even the ones at the top of the hierarchy as in the end we are all humans.



I am passionate about being a manager in sales, marketing and HR. Before I can reach such a position I need to learn the basics and more within the industry / company. I want to challenge myself and learn new things and I believe this is something a good manager should have as the position itself can be seen as a mentor position where everyone trusts and listens to the manager.

deVere Group5 months

Business Development Manager


As a BDM my responsibilities were data mining, prospecting, cold-calling and executing sales meetings. Before joining deVere Tokyo I went through intensive sales training at deVere Malta office.

Tui Cruises9 months

Junior Project Manager


The job held the same responsibilities as while being an intern, but additionally, I will now do all analysis of nontechnical projects, created a road map for €10mil one year project where I was one of the key persons organizing and keeping every relevant department and people updated and on time on their parts and also I held and did le

TUI Cruises4 months



Internship at TUI Cruises in Ship Management Department where I was the direct link between clients and customers for TUI Cruises. Daily tasks were including supporting the whole department, being the key person for external partners and contractors, analyzing some non-technical projects and represent my findings to director ship management.

Korea University


I did double masters within a year: MBA - Masters of Business Administration CEMS, MIM - Masters in International Management

Verisure Ltd.5 months



I was a salesperson at Verisure (formerly known as Securitas Direct) where my day-to-day work was including door-todoor sales in B2C sector, organizing customer and executing sales meetings, cold-calling and direct marketing. Best salesperson within my team of 6 in April 2017 – June 2017.

Oxford Brookes University


Bachelors in International Management

Chatime Oxford8 months



I was working as a part-timer at Chatime that is a Taiwanese franchised bubble tea shop.

Helsinki School of Business


Higher National Diploma (first two years of Bachelors)

Fysicos Ltd.2 years

Sales Representative


I was a sales representative for two natural cosmetic brands, GiGi & Life Resonance, at Fysicos Ltd., where my day-today work was including, sales in B2B and B2C sectors, cold-calling, organizing customer and executing sales meetings, trainings and strong use of marketing tools such as digital marketing (SOME), Integrated Marketing Communications, direct promotions via emails.

Verisure Ltd.4 months



Same responsibilities and work as in 2017. Best salesperson by the volume of sales in the whole Finland in May 2013. Best salesperson within my team of 4 in April 2013 – July 2013.



  • マネージメント

  • B2B営業

  • 英語

  • 交渉力

  • B2C営業

  • リサーチ、PowerPoint、Excel 他8件


  • Finnish - Native
  • English - Professional