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私のプログラミングスキルと知識を使用できる立場を得る。また、私は新しい新しい興味深いテクニックや プログラミング言語を学ぶのが好きです。

Six DEE Telecom Solutions3 years

Software Engineer


Handling GUI designing, back-end fetching data, execution, implementation and testing. Management of development and production environments and associated resources including server-side applications and databases.

  • Development of CoMads – Version SQL

    Communication Method adopted : Accept and deliver requests XML over HTTP. CoMaDs – Content Management and Delivery Platform which is capable of processing request from the SCM (Subscription Content Management System) through XML over HTTP and send back proper response back through XML/HTTP. Version SQL can only process Text Content Type which deployed in various Sites around the Globe.

  • GUI Development

    Development of GUI for CoMaDs platform for uploading audio (formats: wav, mp3, mp4 etc.), video (formats: wav, flv etc.),text, images (formats: jpg, jpeg, gif.etc).Along with single upload of content ,development of bulk upload of content using sheets in one time click in GUI is enabled. Storing the contents in database and retrieve it as per user requirements. Playing audio and video files in GUI itself and download of files according to user requirements is also available.

  • CoMaDs – Version HQL

    This is the advanced version of CoMaDs – SQL. In this the complete code is written in java and DB is handled through HQL. The system can support 300tps and able to deliver Text Content in variable formats with UTF-8 encoding and also in hex code. The system also capable of Delivering Contents in Multimedia formats and advanced formats like e pub. Application Responsibilities : Storing the contents and efficiently delivering the contents as per the request if the request authentication succeeds and providing the information from report generation for calculating the revenue (CDR- Call Data Record).

  • Content Processor

    Content Processor is module developed to update huge amount of data in a single sort. For Multimedia contents the contents may be reside in remote servers and with FTP/SFTP we are connecting to the remote and downloading the contents. Excel sheets can be configured for the system and the application will capable of processing the excel sheet as per the configurations. Application Responsibilities : Processing the excel sheet and reduces the human effort in adding the contents. It’s able to retrieve contents from remote servers if required.

Jyothi Engineering College

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sacred Heart School, Thrissur

Computer Science

I have done 2 years course in Computer Science subject in India.


  • DataBase(SQLServer / MySQL / SQLite)

  • Implementation

  • Debug

  • AJAX

  • J2ee

  • HTTP, CSS , JSON and 15 skills



  • English - Native
  • Hindi - Native
  • Japanese - Conversational

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