Sadia Jannath Zuthy

Metlife / UI/UX Designerkanagawa

UI/UX Designer

Experienced more than 3 years in UI/UX design for web apps, mobile apps, e-commerce sites, and product design. Expertise in creating wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to research on user issues and find solutions. Designing complex things in an easy-to-understand way is my strength. I worked with engineers, president, and product managers. Now I am working in MetLife Insurance company of Tokyo, Japan branch.



I am expertise to visualize expected designs and designing complex things in easy to understand the way.

Metlife2 years

UI/UX Designer現在

- 現在

Work with Customer journey project.

  • Project Demo2

    This is a demo project to show my work which is done in Figma

  • Project Demo1

iTSherpa2 years

UI/UX Designer


I worked with different projects and design them from the beginning.