Bilingual Full Stack Web Developer

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Arts in Japanese and a minor in Business.

  • My Portfolio SPA / PWA

    I'm working on making a simple Single Page Application (SPA) to highlight some of my past work and capabilities. I'm following a lot of standards and best practices recommended by Google, including those for Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Core Web Vitals. I'm intentionally avoiding using any frameworks like angular or vue to ensure my skills don't become irrelevant with the latest framework and to give myself an opportunity to have a deep understanding of modern web capabilities without the need to work around a given framework. This is also a grounds for me to experiment as not a lot of companies have caught up to the idea of using web components without a framework.



Rather it was a better design for an uncomfortable chair, or a better way to structure society so everyone can live happy lives, from a young age I've always wanted to make solutions to problems I noticed in the world. This continues to this day and has driven me to gather in depth knowledge in many industries and to try my hand at coming


株式会社イーグリッド2 years

Web Application System Developer


Working in an all Japanese software development company (all work is handled in Japanese).

Family Real Estate Investment1 year

General Contractor / Real estate investor


Making investment decisions for real estate ventures Hiring and working with contractors to complete development projects Creating 3d models of plans for purposes of obtaining permits and clarifying plans

Pole To Win International8 months

Support Representative


Handled customer inquiries related to product content and technical issues (Average 40 emails a day). Regularly created reports using Excel and Word for customer feedback from internet research on social media, reviews, and other sites. Created various miscellaneous reports such as demographics of a region upon request.

The University of Texas at Austin


Major in Japanese; minor in Business. Elective coursework on teaching and programming.


  • JavaScript

  • Git

  • Ruby

  • AWS

  • DynamoDB

  • MySQL、SQL、PostgreSQL 他17件

Accomplishments / Portfolio


  • Japanese - Professional
  • English - Native