Learn or Die

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, started working in Simplex.Inc and developed some financial services, such as DMMBitcoin, and TaoTao(YahooJapan). He got the fastest promotion in the history of the company, and became CoE in the dev section. In 2018, a system he designed as a development lead was awarded by Amazon as the best architecture, which was first Japanese in the financia



Wish to create a virtual world, where every asset is stored by decentralized ways, rendering 3D sceneries created by unstructured data interactively.

Squard, Inc.3 years


- 現在

株式会社オンリーストーリー6 months



Startbahn.Inc7 months

Blockchain Developer


■ Art Blockchain Network Discussed how to make a network to manage certifications in the art industry on the blockchain. Developed a large-scale smart contract by considering which information should be kept secret and how to make it upgradable.

Simplex.Inc4 years

Software Engineer


■ Blockchain R&D (Tech Lead) Developed a platform of STO using Ethereum. Published original coin (SimplexToken) and connected other tools to operate in-house tasks. Planned


Ginga Software.Inc7 months

Software Engineer


Created an E-commerce system