Takumi Sato

Deakin University(Australia) / Master of Business Administration (MBA)Australia

Takumi Sato

Deakin University(Australia) / Master of Business Administration (MBA)


大学を卒業後「法人向け生命保険」を扱う外資系企業エヌエヌ生命保険株式会社に入社。 代理店営業部に配属となり、約4年間70店以上の代理店を担当し、指導・管理・育成を行う。大手金融機関や会計事務所を通じて、多くの中小企業の課題である相続や事業承継に関する対策を行った。業界、業種、財務状況等、客観的なデータを用いながら、代理店の収益向上に貢献。一部代理店では昨対比500%以上の売上増加に寄与した。また、2020年に

Deakin University(Australia)2 years

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Top 1% of universities worldwide

  • The Impact of Product Pricing

    I have explored the influence of taxation, pricing, opportunity costs, as well as the determination of commodity prices based on supply and demand. I have also investigated the effect of pricing on various market structures, such as monopoly, perfect competition, and oligopoly.

  • Problem-solving skills

    I learn how to examine multifaceted issues, pinpoint the underlying factors, devise innovative alternatives, and execute them efficiently. I acquired the competencies of managing a global value chain, addressing the SDGs, and other essential aspects of conducting business in the world, not just how it appears externally.

NN life insurance (旧 ING group)4 years


  • 月次 成績優秀営業賞(3回受賞)


  • 新規代理店開拓2位/120名中、全国1位(営業部)



West Trek Tours (Canada)2 years

Management and administration(Intern)


Gastown Business College (Canada・Vancouver)