Hello. I am a Senior Full-stack & Blockchain Engineer who has 6+ years of development experience. I worked in 3 companies and have built projects.


In the future

Take on a lot of perfect projects to become a CTO. Any section is fine. Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Blockchain, AI... I will do my best. I am passionate about my work. thank you

Onyx Team3 years

Senior Blockchain Engineer


• Contributed to updating the crystal finance website resulting in a 5% increase in efficiency. (https://crystl.finance ) • Web3 integration implementation for all pages. • Pixel perfect design implementation and management for the frontend team.

SEAP Team3 years

Senior Front-End Engineer


• Collaborated with external programmers to coordinate delivery of 6 new software applications. • Consulted in the redesign of a company’s website, resulting in a 25% increase in traffic.

Evernote9 months

Full-Stack Engineer


• Worked as a full-stack developer and a project manager. • Conducted 4 customer evaluations for research purposes to support Cheif Information Officer with daily operations. • Developed strategy and architecture for clients in alignment with business plans and

Taras Shevchenko National University5 years

Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics / Computer Science


• Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science. • Graduated MNU Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics.


  • English - Conversational

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