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Dcard Taiwan Ltd.1 year

Talent Operations Partner


Recruitment • Recruited 20+ members for the Overseas/Japan Team while utilizing Chinese, English and Japanese to source and interview the candidates.

Kdan Mobile1 year

HR Specialist Software Ltd.


• Planned and executed the project of the company’s first participation in Yourator 2020 Digital Talent Career Fair. Attracted 180+ talents requesting further information and 40+ resumes submissions as the results from the event.

Cornell University1 year

Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) Applied Behavioral Economics


Concentration: Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice

Lehigh University4 years

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Psychology


Minors: Marketing, Creative Writing

UpSwell, Inc.3 months

Business Development Intern


• Created an UiPath model to automate the app publisher’s business processes, which improved the efficiency by more than 50%. The algorithm excels in extracting and analyzing key performance data for global clients’ apps from different mobile carrier portals and Google Analytics.