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Wantedly, Inc.のメンバー

  • Been interested in creating my own things and figuring out how things work.

  • 大学在学中からBUDDHA,incの立ち上げメンバーとしてグラフィック、WEB、映像、写真など様々なジャンルの仕事を経験。
    その後、デザインの力でより多くの人にインパクトを与えられる環境を求め、2017年よりWantedly InternationalチームのメインデザイナーとしてJoin。



  • Wantedly, Inc. International Expansion
    Creating a World where Work drives Passion

    A Japanese native raised and educated abroad in Germany, France, America, and China. Currently, at Wantedly, Inc working on the localization of Wantedly Visit in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.


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Our mission at Wantedly is to "Create a world where work drives passion".

In order to eliminate recruitment mismatches, we built a system that matches people and teams based on their passion rather than skills or work history. Instead of having a strict test-based interview process, we encourage both sides to sit down and have a chat first to make sure the culture fit is there. On top of that, we created an algorithm that takes away the steps of manual social recruiting and automates the search process by connecting people based on their social network connections.

We are improving our existing services every day, launching new functions regularly and including new technologies wherever we can.

That being said, we are always looking for engineers who would like to explore new possibilities that will make Wantedly more comfortable and easy to use the platform.

People all over the world are looking to fulfil their own potential. If you sympathize with this vision of ours, we would love to get to know you.


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Our mission is to "Create a world where work drive passion", or to raise the number of people who realize their passion through the work they do every day.

Don't you see a lot of people with great potential around you, with dead eyes dreading to wake up in the morning, dragging themselves to a job that they secretly hate?
We believe that nowadays everybody has the chance to work on something meaningful and that social recruiting is the solution to this. That is why we want to build products that help as many people as possible.

All of us are just as passionate about our work as the users on our platform, and every person that we help to find their happiness is a reason for us to work diligently every day.


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We are a strongly product-driven and engineer-driven company. Half of our team members are engineers, and all executives and business teams communicate via GitHub. Additionally, we approach all of our problems by "Moving fast and Maximizing social impact"; or in other words, a "Scalable Technology-centered Approach".
In order to improve the functions on our platform, we are making a lot of use of our in-house data analysis.


Wantedly right now is expanding its services to other countries abroad. To do this we have two teams: Business Development and Engineering. As an engineer you will work closely with the local teams and build features to accelerate growth in those markets.

We are bringing Wantedly to the international market with business development teams located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany who work closely together with HQ.
As an engineer in Tokyo, you will work on adapting Wantedly Visit to the local customs and culture. You will learn from the experiences of the local teams and use that knowledge to build tools to speed up the business development abroad.

During this summer internship you will join the international team and work on one or more of the following things.
What you'll be doing can change due to timing, preferences and/or your own skill set.

Identify the problems the local teams are facing
Test your ideas with software engineering
Data analysis with BigQuery
Web development with Rails & React.

Communication within the international team is in English. Due to this, the interviews will be held in English.

## What we're looking for
Those who want to build products using their English language skills
Those who want to work in an international environment
Those who want to solve actual problems and challenges

## What you'll be learning
Product development
Building prototypes within a short timespan
Communication with engineers and business people

Is this you? We're waiting for you! Remote interviews are welcome too so feel free to apply.



「早く行きたいなら一人で行け、遠くへ行きたいならみんなで行け」と言われるように、私たちは「チーム」の力で、社会的インパクトの大きなこと... さらに表示


私たちのプロダクト思想の根底にあるのは「真のユーザーファースト」です。ユーザーの生の声を一つ一つすくうのではなく、実際の行動データを基... さらに表示


0から1を生み出すフェイズはワクワクするものですが、実際はリリース後の改善のフェイズで、何回改善のサイクルを回せるかが大切です。本当... さらに表示


探している人 Web エンジニア
採用形態 インターン・学生バイト
募集の特徴 言語を活かした仕事 / Skypeで話を聞ける
創業者 仲 暁子
設立年月 2010年9月
社員数 100人のメンバー
関連業界 情報通信(Web/モバイル) / 人材・介護・サービス










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