ABEJA is leading the latest Industrial Revolution, bringing Industry 4.0 to the rest of the world from Japan.

Industry 4.0 has arrived!

At the start of the 18th century, hydraulic power and steam engines were developed, leading up to the first Industrial Revolution, Industry 1.0.

In the 20th century, the expanded usage of electricity and oil pushed mass production and mass consumption to new heights, resulting in Industry 2.0.  

At the end of 20th century, the automation of production being initiated by Information Technology kicked off the start of the Industry 3.0.

Information Technology is indispensable in our everyday life, and in all scopes of business. The 21st century birthed an IT industry lead by the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) members, leading the internet revolution by establishing the internet as a platform.

Now in the 21st century, IoT(Internet of Things), Big Data, and AI(Artificial Intelligence) lead Industry 4.0.

The wave of the fourth industrial revolution is accelerating, led by Germany and the United States. The changes brought by new technologies affect the core of industry structure and are forcing us to rethink our laws, retrain our workforces, and redirect our investments. This fourth industrial revolution is not only restricted to the IT industry, but impacts all sectors of industry. As industry has evolved, mankind has continually adapted to take advantage of new emerging landscapes. However, in our progress we have paid a price, and we are approaching the limits of the current industrial structure. We need to ask, “how we can solve the problems brought forth by these newly realized limits?”. We at ABEJA believe that the fourth industrial revolution will bring forth the answers to these questions.

Our mission is utilize the latest technologies to benefit the real world.

I witnessed the revolutionary breakthrough technology of artificial intelligence known as Deep Learning during my stay in Silicon Valley in January 2012. It was a moment when things that seemed impossible suddenly became possible. In October 2012, we succeeded in reducing the error rate in the field of object recognition by more than 10%, cementing the fact that artificial intelligence will be massively changing the landscapes in all modern industries.

Being Japanese, my unique cultural perspectives from doing business in Japan led me to a conclusion. "By fusing Japan’s state of the art technology and advanced understanding in artificial intelligence, will it become possible to accomplish the impossible? Does the potential exist to move beyond the advances of the internet and lead a fourth industrial revolution that impacts the real world?

Using these key questions to guide us, we’ve begun the task of a fusion between Japanese technology and the real world. “ABEJA Platform for Retail” was the first accomplishment towards arriving at this goal. “ABEJA Platform for Retail” is utilizing Deep Learning technology combined with Japan’s world-class knowledge in supply chain management to assist over 300 storesretail distribution companies in Japan to expand their business and better understand their markets. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Daikin Industry, Ltd., the world’s leading air conditioning company, has joined with ABEJA to become a partner on the ABEJA Platform.

A culture of diversity drives innovation

ABEJA, though born in Japan, has gathered skilled members from all over the world. Since our foundation, we have created a diversified organization without boundaries such as nationality, age, gender, and religion. We believe that an organization rich with diversity is key to creating a culture of innovation. Various cultures come together with unique global perspectives to exchange ideas, and this is how innovative ideas are born and executed.

Change the world!

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have been envious of ABEJA’s position in the Japanese industry since our founding. The unique Japanese industrial model is unlike anything seen in Silicon Valley, and has become a very attractive market in the world. I believe it is due to the efforts of previous Japanese generations that have positioned us here now. However, Japan faces a number of issues in the coming years. Declining birth rates, an aging population, and increasing environmental challenges pose a unique opportunity to face these issues head-on using next generation technology to solve the problems of the future as well as the needs of today.

We would like to announce our expansion and the establishment of a new branch of ABEJA in Singapore today. We believe that it will be possible apply ABEJA’s knowledge to the problems of Southeast Asian countries, beginning with Singapore. We look forward to gaining the experience of localized industrial expertise and continue to improve our model through trial and error while working with local teams. Our entrance into the Singapore market is not a final goal, but merely a starting point on the path to solve the problems of the world using innovation and technology to begin a cycle of never-ending improvement.

There is no clear path in front of us, only through constant experimentation and assessment will we find what we seek.

Founder & CEO / CTO
Yousuke OKADA

14 いいね!
14 いいね!