Abrar Shariar

Widsley Inc / Software EngineerTokyo

Abrar Shariar

Widsley Inc / Software Engineer

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

A dedicated software engineer with a get-it-done spirit and a vibrant team player. Worked at fast-paced startups in SaaS, e-commerce, sales tech, and blockchain industry. Experienced in building complex software systems and data analytics tools. Led a student team at NASA space apps challenge and became a Global Nominee. Published research paper on Blockchain at the International Conference on Computing Advancements 2020.


In the future

The sky is the limit.

About Widsley Inc

Widsley Inc3 years

Software EngineerPresent

- Present

Currently working on developing the ComDesk software.

Software Engineering Intern

▪ Worked on the core product: "Telforce", helped debug and document legacy codebase built on the LAMP stack ▪ Participated in rigorous code review and pair programming ▪ Debugged existing web platform based on customers' complaints

Covalent Foundation1 year

Full Stack Engineer


Covalent is a privacy-preserving data utilization protocol.

Backpack Inc1 year



A Silicon Valley based Y Combinator backed startup. A peer-to-peer marketplace.

About Widsley Inc

Widsley Inc


  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • C++

  • アルゴリズム

  • PHP

  • Python

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