Daiki Nakata

Good Smile Connect / Product Dev/Production ManagerLos Angeles

Daiki Nakata

Good Smile Connect / Product Dev/Production Manager

Design = Problem solving

I'm an entrepreneur minded/experienced bi-cultural/cross-cultural man from Japan who lives in LA. I am passionate about designing everything not only for graphics, web, etc... communication, business, action, and mindset always be able to design to make people's life happier. Entrepreneurship mind is craving for new opportunity now especially for a Japanese company who wants to try to expand the business to the US.



The mission of my entire life is to connect Japan and the world especially the US as of now (04/2021). There are so many cultural differences and people are having a hard time and that is causing a delay in decision-making. Done is better than perfect is my favorite phrase and I would like to keep execute things to get success and connect people all over the world.

Good Smile Connect4 years

Product Dev/Production Manager現在

- 現在

- Set up a new team and create strategies for short-term and long-term financial plans. - Released two new product lines and 32 new products in 7 months. - Lead relationship with 20 vendors and 10+ licensors of both japanese and US domestic and group companies including HQ in Japan.

Ultra Tokyo Connection1 year



- Create a team strategy for short-term and long term and made revenue $30M in 2019 / $26M in 2020 - Build a good relationship with suppliers and group companies. - Learn and understand and be able to do all staff' tasks in order to cov

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.の会社情報

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.5 years

North America Business Operations Manager


- Building and maintaining relationships with Japanese and American suppliers, customers, and licensors on a daily basis. - Overseeing all US e-commerce operations, from merchandising to order fulfillment, with team of 12 direct reports.

Meisei University (online school)2 years

Elementary Education


- Elementary School teacher certificate

Richmond Elementary School1 year

Japanese Teacher Intern


- Primary classroom instructor for one subject each day - Fulfill all duties and responsibilities of a primary teacher in her absence - Create and implement Japanese language and culture lesson plans

Dokkyo University4 years

Second Language Acquisition / Cultural Communication


- Bicultural/cross-cultural communication - Second Language Aquisition


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe XD

  • Figma

  • Basic HTML/CSS、Shopify、Ecommerce

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