Utilize my skills and efforts to make this society a better place to live

Graduate student of Robotics with a background in Mechanical Engineering.



I am working on the development of a robot hand for master's research. I am looking for a company that can solve the problems of current society by leveraging my experience in mechanical engineering and robotics.


創造理工学研究科 総合機械工学専攻

  • Underactuated Robot Hand with Remote Center of Motion Mechanism

    My research is on development a under-actuated robot hand with Remote Center of Motion mechanism to integrate tactile sensor. The motivation for making such a robot hand is from human hand. The human hand has the ability to control the shape of various objects. One of the most important elements of this dexterity is the ability to sense objects with touch. I was inspired by the development of a robot hand with a continuous surface layer of a tactile sensor that covers the entire palm. Traditional robotic finger designs reduce the surface area of ​​the finger as it moves. Therefore, the sensor cannot be placed on the entire surface. To solve this problem I am using a remote center motion mechanism. This helps keep the center of rotation of the joint outside the fingers. Lastly, encoders are used for all joints to control the robot hand. Provides information about joint rotation. The high-density 3-axis force tactile sensor is used to collect grasping data and operate the object.



Research Intern

•Development of four cart system for autonomous movement of load on construction site. Improved the camera tracking system. •Used ROS packages for control of the Cart system and analyzed the multicart system in a real environment to improve the system.

I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University - PTU

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Eastman Industries Ltd., India3 months



•Responsible for the production planning chart and implementation of the 5S so that work can be done conveniently. •Improved the manufacturing process of Standard in the industry by changing the flow of the process.


  • English - Native
  • Hindi - Native
  • Japanese - Conversational